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New Modular Sofa Launch

Introducing BOK, new modular sofa series by Lazio Sofa. Open for orders online.

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New Recliners - RAX Series

Contemporary, modern and super comfy recliner chair.

All new ROK Recliners

Say hello to our brand new Malaysian made swivel and rock recliner series.

Product Information

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Click on the link below to download BOK’s media kit:

Lazio BOK Media Kit

BOK Modular Sofa is the latest product innovation from Lazio Sofa. The release of BOK is part of a series of new products that will be launched in the market in 2021. We estimate that the sale of BOK will be exponential as we provide solutions to current space and mobility issues faced by our customers. BOK is able to adapt to any space and style of your home. It can be easily assembled or removed within minutes without any tools. The beauty of BOK is that it comes packed in a box which means that our customers can move the sofa easily when they move to a new house or to move around a tight entrance. BOK is comfortable as it is covered in high grade fabrics that are stain free and water repellent. The cushions are big and comfortable to sit. Moreover, you can add on additional seats to fit your room style and space. 

Click on the link below to download Recliner Series media kit:

RAX & ROK Recliner Media Kit

RAX recliner is made from high quality materials and fibre tech fabric. This modern style design comes with impeccable features that provides you the best relaxation and rest throughout the whole day. You can now enjoy the luxuries of life at the comfort of your home as the RAX series is easy to assemble and can be placed at any space at your home. The recliner is so easy to operate. With just a simple pull of the handle to extend the leg rest and a gentle push back, you can enjoy the full reclining comfort. The fabric is made to withstand tough stains and is water repellent. The soft, plush and fluffy cushions are highly desirable to seat after a long tiring day.

The ROK recliners offer the best of both worlds. The unique swivel and rock recliner is perfect for the younger generations who are enthusiastic about the look, feel and style without compromising comfort. The chic and fashionable style recliners are available in several colours as well as customizable options for those who prefer premium fabric. The soft and plush recliner is easy to operate. Just a simple pull of the handle and you can rest your legs. A gentle push back and it reclinds. The ROK series have rotating swivel functions and rocking motion. The highly durable rocker movement helps you relax and sleep. It is also designed to help families with babies. Just imagine rocking your baby to sleep on a super comfy recliner or simply snuggling or feeding your baby on a perfect chair.