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Customer Reviews

Ean ThamPetaling Jaya
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I hope I’m the first one to buy this. I saw the advertisement and immediately bought it. I have been looking forward to buy a modular sofa as such. I move about often due to my work and moving a sofa is always a headache. Thanks to this, I can easily move it around. Fantastic!
Aaron JohnsonHartamas
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I stayed in a high rise and never owned a sofa. The hassle of moving it about when I move to a different rented area is just unbearable. When I watched the commercial, this is exactly what I need. Thank you very much. It’s super big and comfortable. Took me less than 3 minutes to put the whole thing together as the video guide is easy to follow. Love every bit of it!
Nizam KBangsar
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I was shocked to see the product comes in a box. I never thought a sofa can fit inside a box. Whoever came out with this idea knows who it feels like for us who stay in condominiums. Th kids had a fun time fixing with me. The best thing is, the fabric. Smooth and feels so nice.
Jennifer WhiteMon't Kiara
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Being an expat, I move around quite a bit from one apartment to another. The 2 seater sofa is just right for my apartment and it's easy to fit in my car as well when I move. When I host gatherings, I can easily remove it to make space. Now that's smart!
Daniel YapKuala Lumpur
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I love the rocking recliners. I bought it for my wife so that she can rock my baby to sleep. She loved it as well since she relax. The cushion super comfy. I am thinking of buying one for myself too.
N. FarhanaPetaling Jaya
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Beli time tengah promo. Expect saiz kecil rupanya besar jugak. Saiz memang elok sangat untuk ruang tamu. Mula2 confuse jugak cara nak pasang tapi lepas encik hubby tengok video guide dekat website baru faham. Design cantik, cushion lembut & selesa sangat2. Probably will repeat order untuk 1 seater dgn 3 seater next time
Ronan WongKL
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I did not expect the sofa to be that comfortable and big for that price range. This product is so easy to assemble. For that price, I may add another seater soon. Thanks.
Kiat80Alor Gajah
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Aliff HaikalBayan Baru
Read More
Terbaik sofa ni. Plan nak beli untuk mak kat kampong sekali install masuk kondo sendiri macam lawa pulakk. Overall semua memang puas hati.. sofa pun selesa je.. nak pasang pun senang. Size yang 2 seater tu untuk org tinggi 160cm memang muat untuk baring.

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